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Tattoo Ticket

    Tattoo Ticket

    • Your decision to permanently ink my art on your skin is incredibly meaningful and deeply appreciated by me as an artist. 


      To ensure compliance with copyright regulations, tattoo artists require written approval before tattooing another artist's work. This process provides a straightforward way to obtain my consent for your desired tattoo, supporting both legal compliance and my artistic journey to continue creating more art.


      With a purchased ticket, you can select one of my existing artworks (excluding commissioned pieces) to be inked by your chosen tattoo artist. 


      Please note that the ticket is not a physical item or custom design, and no physical ticket will be shipped to you. After purchase, you will receive a downloadable ticket granting written permission to use the selected artwork for your tattoo, which you can provide your tattoo artist with. 


      This non-exclusive tattoo ticket allows you to use one specific illustration for your personal tattoo, and separate tickets are required for multiple images. Unauthorized reproduction or usage of the image otherwise would infringe upon copyright law.

    • Please note, all tattoo tickets are final sale. 

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